Friday, April 23, 2010


"I'm trying to import converted XML from my Wordpress blog to Blogger but keep getting a message that says

"Sorry, the import failed due to a server error. The error code is bX-p45270"

after a bit of uploading. Any advice would be super appreciated, as I didn't see this error code in your blog.

You are right that this particular bx error code hasn't been mentioned on this blog yet simply because I haven't encountered it yet but thank you for bringing it to my attention.

First off this could be one of the temporary bx error codes - meaning it might be one of the new ones so you might want to give it some time to see if the problem goes away.

If that doesn't work you can always report the bx error code to by clicking on the link that is provided on the side of this blog.

It has been my experience that the bx error codes that have to do with importing involve there being some kind of mistake in the coding of the blog template that you want to import. I have a blog called Different Blog Layouts where I try importing different blog templates that I like and I have encountered this kind of problem before. Sometimes I have been able to solve the problem by "tweaking" or messing with the coding myself and sometimes that will solve the problem so that may be something that you will want to try yourself.

A lot could depend upon where you got the template from. A lot of times the people who have created these blog templates will have a site where they talk about their blog templates and note any errors or problems that may happen when people try to use them - so if that is the case with you you can try and contact the person who created the template and ask about the problem(s) that you are having with it.

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Hopefully you will re-read this blog post again because you may have to go into the coding of your blog and "tweak" it so that it adheres to the template code guidelines.

I will admit that it is not an easy thing to do - going over coding - but it may be the only way to solve your problem.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Here is a bx-error code that I got today! It happened when I was trying to moderate some comments that were posted to my blog. Since there are a lot of people who are posting "spam" comments I have had to start the option of moderating all of the comments.

After receiving this particular bx error code, I was able to use the bypass procedure to get out it!

This just lets me know that the bypass procedure still works - even though some people think that it doesn't exist and I'm surprised that after all of this time still hasn't mentioned it at all?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Instead of commenting on this blog, someone sent me an email concerning this bx error code.

It seems that this particular bx error code has to do with importing - I'm assuming templates - into one's blog. Only one other person has mentioned this particular bx error code so far so it may be one of the newer bx error codes. As such, if this is one of the more newer bx error codes you may want to give it a little time.

You can also report this bx error code to by clicking on the link that is provided on the side of this blog.

As far as personal experience goes I do have a blog called Different Blog Layouts where I test different blog templates and I have gotten similar bx error code messages like this before. So far the bypass procedure that I know of doesn't solve this particular kind of bx error code problem but it does allow you to get back to the original blog template that you already were working on.

Since a lot of people use their blogs to help them make money they really don't want to have to come face to face with problems that may interfere with their working on their blog! Hopefully some of the information in this blog will help you save some time and help you save some money while you are looking for solutions for the bx error code problems that are cropping up when you want to work with your blog(s).