Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What Is A BX Error Code?

According to the latest poll results, there have been a few people who have cast their vote for "What is a bx error code?

If you have a blog on Blogger.com and you go to work on your blog, you may get an "error that comes up saying that there was a problem with what you were trying to do with your blog. Also included will be a bx error code number that you are supposed to report to Blogger.com.

Now Blogger.com has said that a lot of these error codes are temporary meaning that you may want to give it a few days to see if the problem solves itself.

Some people have managed to solve their bx error code problems themselves and will sometimes post the solutions that have worked for them on the Blogger.com message boards. There have also been suggestions by the Blogger.com employees mainly that one should try clearing their cache and cookies and then re-loading their browsers - some people have posted that this solution has worked for them.

However its really hard to say exactly how one can solve their bx error code problem. Sometimes it can be solved on the blogger's end and sometimes not - but there seems to be no one solution for everyone - with maybe the exception of the bypass procedure.

So its not a simple case of posting to the Blogger.com help boards and saying "Please fix it now.......... - as I have seen some people post.

From what I understand the link that appears when you get one of those bx error code messages takes you to one of the Blogger.com help message boards and I'm assuming that the link goes there because Blogger.com wants people to post the problems that they are having with their blog(s). Hopefully someone who has had the same problem will see the / your post and offer solutions that have worked for them. Sometimes even one of the Blogger.com employees will reply to the posts offering help and suggestions.

But the best thing to do is simply report the bx error code to Blogger.com by clicking here. That will take you to a link to the official Blogger.com form where you can report the bx error code problem that you are having. When enough people report it to Blogger.com then they will assign someone to look into it further.

You can try other methods on your own but not all of them work for everybody!

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  1. This is bullshit! This "error" should have been rectified a long time ago!


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