Saturday, May 31, 2008


Apparently this particular bx error code isn't just specific to adding
google/adsense ads. People have also reported getting this very same
error code when they have been trying to do other things to their
blogs such as domain name-related stuff and also having to do with
customized / customizing templates.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This error occurred a few days ago and I was able to use the bypass procedure to get out of it and return to posting an entry on my blog

Thursday, May 15, 2008

bX- y2d1pl

happens when one tries to upload a video to their blog

Friday, May 9, 2008


occurs when changing one's blog from a private blog to a public blog

Bypassing The BX Error Code Screen?

I can not speak for all browsers but so far I have used the bypass procedure on both Internet Explorer and Netscape and it has worked on both browsers 100%!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


BX-4smx9i - seems to happen when uploading an XML template. When the "save" button is clicked this error code will appear

  • *On March 28th, (2008) someone reported in their blog that had fixed the above error code. However, it seems that people are still reporting this very same error code problem!


No reports yet on this error code


seems to have to do with adding images to one's blog


So far there is nothing to report about this error code other than other people have been getting it too!


I got this error code after I approved a comment on my blog. After approving the comment I wanted to post a new entry but got the above error code. Not thinking I did one of those shortcut keyboard combinations and I was able to get back to my dashboard where I could post a new entry to my blog!

I have always seen posts about how people have gotten this error code when using their blog but I haven't seen a solution to the problem until now!

Here is a current list of error codes associated with Although finding the solutions to these error codes is hard any information about them will be helpful! If the error code that you have received is listed here, rest assured that someone else has gotten the same error code!

Error Code bX-cvu52

There seems to be a problem with people being able to upload their images to their blogs. The staff have addressed this but I decided to try it on my own.

It seems people are getting the error code bx-cvu52 when trying to add photos to their blog. So really I'm just testing it to see if the problem is still there. I was able to add a photo to this blog entry without incident so now I just have to see if it posts correctly without me getting an error code.

Having Problems Uploading Pictures To Your Blog?

It seems that some people are still having problems with the error code BX-CVU52 so I decided to try and upload another photo today. (A employee posted on the blogger help threads on April 22nd that they were aware of this specific error code problem and that they are working on solving it).

I also tried uploading a photo when this error code problem was first announced back on the 22nd of April and as you can see from the picture post I was able to upload a photo with no problem! (I didn't even have to use the bypass procedure to get out of the error screen because there was no error screen to be gotten out of).

So apparently this particular error code only comes up for some people and not everyone. If you are still getting the error code then you should still report it to the staff or ask them for the bypass process so that you can get out of the error screen altogether.


Do you know that somebody actually said this to me!

Of course they are wrong because I have used it and it works!

As a matter of fact one of the most current bx-error code problems seems to be with people not being able to upload their photos. I have tried uploading two photos on different days ever since one of the Blogger Employees mentioned this particular error code problem back on April 22nd. So far I haven't had any problems uploading photos. I also have seen that in the past few days this specific error code -


hasn't been mentioned so maybe this particular error code problem has been solved. But there have been posts by others who are having problems uploading images only they are getting a different error code - so I don't know "what's up with that?

Apparently it seems that not too many people know about the bypass procedure for getting out of the error code screen and I haven't seen anyone else post about it other than myself.

Does the technical staff even know about the procedure for bypassing the error screen? I seriously doubt that they don't know about it. I would think that the whole aspect of being able to maintain would require a lot of technical expertise and as a lot of "techies" know - there are always possible backdoors to get in by.

There may be a reason why is not telling its bloggers the bypass procedure - which is simple.

But I haven't seen as many posting about current error code problems so it may be that they feel that there is no need for bloggers to know the bypass procedure. In fact even though I seem to be one of the few ones that know about it (which by the way I wonder why no one else is posting about it)

I haven't had to use the bypass procedure for a while now because I have been able to get to my blogs and work on them.

So if you are still having or are getting the error code screen and you want to be able to bypass it altogether then you should contact the Blogger staff and ask them for the bypass procedure so that you can get out of the error screen and go back to working on your blog.

And if you're wondering whether or not the bypass procedure works if you have had problems uploading images to your blog, all I can say is that since I haven't had that specific problem / error code, the bypass has worked for every error code screen that I DID get.


Just a few minutes ago I was typing the previous blog entry about what happens after you report your bx error code to After I finished typing the post and clicked on "publish", I got an error code screen message! The specific error code that I got was bx-188dt2! My post didn't publish!

What a perfectly splendid time to use the bypass procedure and guess what?

It Worked!

My new post showed up on my blog!

I take this as a sign to just prove my point that there IS a way to get out of the bx error code screen!

I'm kind of glad that I did get the error code screen because it reinforces what I have been saying in my previous posts!

I got out of the bx-error code screen (again)!
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