Thursday, May 7, 2009


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Wind said...

Hi, I have used bX-code (the) Reporting Form

im still getting this error:bX-etkvk2

Sorry if i posted in comments, but no one is helping me in this issue

Best Regards

Well its a sad thing to see that the bx error code problems are still going on!

Unfortunately you didn't specify what you were doing when you got this particular bx error code. Some problems like template problems, the template itself could be the problem and in that case you would have to go over the coding of the template to see why its not being accepted.

Now there are some bx error code problems that can be solved by using the bypass procedure - which has successful worked for me - in some cases but....again.....

you didn't mention what you were doing with your blog when you got this particular bx error code.

You say that you have reported the error code to by using their form sheet - right? Now all you can do is wait and see if they will be posting a solution and / or update either to their blog or on one of the help boards.

I have been told that reporting the bx error code to them will make them aware of it. Unfortunately they won't contact you directly unless they need more information from you. I have also seen them post that a number of people have to report the bx error code first because they want to make sure that its not one of those temporary bx error codes.

This is the first time that I have seen this particular bx error code being posted about so it is quite possible that this could be one of the newer bx error codes.


  1. yes, you are right, I didn't mention "What was I'm doing when that error occurred"

    Layout ---> Page Elements ---> Add a Gadget(footer)

    I have reported it here also:

    thanks again

  2. Thank you for being more specific about what you were doing when you got this specific bx error code. The problem may be that you are trying to edit a template that doesn't allow for "footers" and that is why you are getting the bx error code.

    I have a blog called Different Blog Layouts where I try out new and different templates that I like and there have been some instances where I have tried to add a footer to some of these templates and it wouldn't "take" because the template itself didn't allow for footer information.


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