Friday, November 27, 2009


"can you help me with the bX-qm5h6h error? I would be very thanksful!"

This bx error code has been reported about because it has to do with people trying to export their old blog into a new one.

Here is what some others have posted about this particular bx error code:

"this infamous error code keeps appearing with an apology about server error every time I attempt to import from one blog to another....."

"I've been trying to import Bodge's Bulletin posts to the new blog but keep getting an error message "bX-qm5h6h" - anyone having the same problem?"

"The error code is bX-qm5h6h. I've tried clearing my cache and cookies as well as using a different browser. Nothing helps. Is Blogger aware of this problem?"

According to a posting on Twitter it seems as though this particular bx error code is a problem that has to do with itself and so far no solution from them has been posted online.

It also seems that this particular bx error code has been only posted about recently and since so many people have posted about it in a shourt amount of time it is possible that this could be a temporary bx error code problem. You should give it a few days to see if the problem solves itself (or if themselves solve it). You could also try using the bypass procedure to see if that will get rid of the problem.


  1. this error has something to do with importing comments. it doesn't occur when i remove comments from the XML import file.

  2. a día de hoy, sigue sin funcionar,
    no parece que blogger haga mucho caso de los problemas

  3. i'm trying to export all of "tinnitussans" Blogger blog into a New Blogger blog,(to make a backup) which only gives me this error code (it occurs when i'm trying to import).

    Has Blogger found a solution yet?

    (it might be a comment problem, because it stops on the same comment download everytime, or the problem with exporting from old Blogger to New Blogger template blogs.)


  4. Great explanation here:

    Sometimes it's because the xml has some error (two exact comments or something like that) that you'll have to edit.

    Other times, the only way to do it is using a different account.

  5. If all else fails then you just may have to report this bx errorcode to so that they can be made aware of it!

  6. I have just experienced this problem as well. My source and target blogs share the same layout template, 2 years old, no restrictions on either, 400+ posts. I get the error after very few posts are imported.

    I tried looking at the exported blog file in Open XML Editor, and there's an invalid statement right at the beginning. I hate to simply delete it without knowing what I am deleting.

  7. this error almost drove me crazy! But I just solved it (wis teh helps of teh internets) by setting the settings of old and new blog to be the same. Namely "show comments" in both blogs. yay!

  8. You might want to try one of the links that was suggested above by La navaja en el ojo. It also seems that others have found a solution that worked for them and they have also commented about it here. I do hope that you find a solution for it. This is one of the bx error codes that the bypass procedure may not work for.


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