Wednesday, May 25, 2011



It seems that this bx-error code is occuring when people try to log in to their blog(s).

So far I haven't had this problem yet because I have been able to successfully log on into my own The Adsense Consultant.

So far this specific bx error code has been getting a lot of negative comments such as:

Google better give compensation to those negatively affected by this, and no, I believe getting this done fast (whatever your definition of "fast" is) is not nearly enough, especially when considering it's one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world.

This particular bx error code seems to have hit it's peak during the last 2 weeks. Hopefully has solved the problem by now. However if you are still getting this bx error code then you can either try to contact to see what is going on and if the problem is not solved then you can ask them to give you the bypass procedure so hopefully you will be able to access your blog again.

Like I have said before I haven't personally experienced this particular bx error code as of yet.

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