Wednesday, January 21, 2009


this is another bx error code that has been associated with trying to upload third-party templates!

When these bx error codes have to do with adding / uploading another blog template, one of the most likely reasons for getting the bx error code is because there is some kind of coding that is in the template that is either corrupt and / or missing!

You have to find out where the problem is within the template that you are trying to add. Perhaps it would help if you went back to the original website where you got the template to see if anyone else has posted about having problems uploading the same template and whether or not the creator of the template has posted some answers as well.

While the bypass procedure does not allow for you to be able to add a corrupted template it will let you be able to work on your blog!

I have received bx error codes myself when trying to upload a new template - mostly to my My Different Blog Layouts Blog and I was successfully able to use the bypass procedure to work on my blog!

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