Wednesday, February 4, 2009


this is yet another bx error code associated with wanting to change one's template.

If you are getting a bx error code when trying to change your template them it may mean that the template that you want to use has some missing or corrupt coding in it and that is why it is not being accepted.

February 2009 Update!

"I'm having this problem too and am so frustrated. I saved a copy of my original template using the "download full template" link under Layout>Edit HTML feature. Then I uploaded a new template and hated it. I tried to revert to my old template by browsing for and uploading the downloaded backup copy, but I get this stupid error: bX- tb1mru. Are we going to get any help with this?"

it should be noted that this bx error code came up when a blogger wanted to change their blog template.

however they posted a solution:

OK I got it. It happens only when you have faulty widgets. Try to remove all the widgets and try again.

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