Monday, February 16, 2009


this bx error code was gotten when a blogger tried to upload their backup file of a blog template!

Actually I think this is a bx error code problem that hasn't been posted about before because they have usually dealt with bloggers who have had trouble trying to use a different blog template but not trouble they have had trying to upload a backup!.

Unfortunately in the end the solution(s) remain the same. It could be a temporary problem where you should wait a while and see if the problem solves itself. However if you continue to get the bx error code problem then you can report it to

March 31, 2009 Update!

it seems that this specific bx error code also has come up when trying to upload a new / different third-party blog template as well!


  1. ive been getting this problem all day... still cant fix it :(
    my page really needs some revamping asap

  2. Since you commented a few days ago hopefully the problem has been solved because has said that a lot of these bx error codes are temporary.

    However if the problem has to do with your editing or working with another template layout the problem could lie within the template itself.


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