Saturday, October 22, 2011


Oh, thank's god i found your blog, hey, i've been checking it on you bx error list, i don't know whether this is new or i've just miss-seen it, i've got bX-mmk9u6 uh, can anyone tell me how do i solve this, since this is quite an urgent, it's a college work actually. I've got this bx error when i was trying to submit the changes of my 'about me' data, but then the error came, sucks really.. I hope someone could help me? or is it better if i make another new.. Q3Q Thank you very much

I don't think that it will help to make another new blog because you will still be able to get these bx error codes. Just because you start a new blog doesn't mean that you will be immune to getting these bx error codes.

As I have said before has said that a lot of these bx error codes are temporary so you may want to give it a little time.

I do know that a lot of people use their blogs to try to make money and in your case you are using your blog as something college-related.

If you still continue to get the bx error code then you should report it to by using the link that is provided on the left side of this blog.

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