Wednesday, October 26, 2011


hi dude. have re design a lot of my template HTML.. anyway got 1 problerm there. i can add link list weidget, but after that i cant see / delete widget / edit link list. And just apear bX-r4hu53. Can u help me?

I did a little checking around on the internet and found that this particular bx error code has been posted about before. Some people like you have posted that this bx error code showed up when they were editing their blog widgets. But people have also been posting that they have received this bx error code when they tried to upload a post, another blogger posted that they got this same bx error code when they were trying to upload a new blog template.

I seem to remember getting a bx error code when I was messing around with my blog widget but I was able to get back to my blog page by using the bypass procedure. has said that a lot of these bx error codes are temporary and it would help if you post back to say whether or not you are still receiving this specific bx error code.

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