Thursday, December 4, 2008

The ByPass Procedure - Actually I Think Already Knows It, But.......

I really don't think that THEY know it!

I say this because I have seen the employees post on more than one post about how there are some techniques that could possible help one get past the bx error code screen with some of the bx error code numbers.

I guess it just must be a case of them being too close to the problem - therefore not being able to see it


it could just be a simple case of them wanting people to report the bx error codes that they are getting so that they can work on solving them.

And there is also a 3rd alternative - where someone posted that it may be a simple fact that is working on a way to solve ALL of the bx error code problems so that they won't be an issue anymore.

Unfortunately for right now there are still a lot of bx error codes that are still being reported about!

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