Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Method For Getting Rid Of The BX Error Code Screen Has Been Found!

It seems that Blogger.com is "trying too hard" to solve these bx error code problems. Now comes word from someone else that they have managed to get out of the error code screen altogether!

However the only problem with this method is that it requires you to go into the html code of your blog - whereas the bypass procedure that I use just requires some computer keystrokes! However someone has posted that this method has worked for them! The other problem that I have with this other bypass procedure is that you first must get out of the error screen to be able to alter the html coding of your blog. But like I said before someone has posted that this method has worked for them.

This just leads me to believe that the folks at Blogger.com maybe trying just a little bit too hard in their efforts to solve the bx error code problems.

If I can find a bypass procedure that requires just a few keystrokes and someone else can get out of the bx error code screen just by doing something to the html coding of the blog then why hasn't blogger.com figured this out? As a matter of fact I haven't seen any official mention by the Blogger.com staff about using this second bypass procedure to solve the bx error code screen.

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