Monday, June 23, 2008


this is another bx error code that has been associated with not being able to log in to one's blog account. Here is what the poster said:

I get this error bX-gzbyt0 when ever I wanted to login to my account last week. what the he** is going with blogger?

What is "going on" with Blogger is that they have said that these bx error codes will be happening from time to time. (It is rumored that they are working on a more permanent solution to get rid of all the bx error code problems). Even when they have fixed some of them they have posted that new ones may pop up.

It might help you to know that has said that a lot of these bx error codes are temporary meaning that they may solve themselves in a few days.

However if you continue to get the bx error code and are still having problems logging into your blog account, then you can report the problem that you are having to by clicking on the "Report Your BX Error Code" link that is provided on the right side of this blog.

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