Sunday, June 8, 2008

New News On The BX Error Code Front!

I found some very interesting information about the bx error codes from's own FAQ page!

According to their explanation these bx error code numbers have no specific meaning. They are just a replacement screen / message of's previous error messages that were more benign. According to

They are simply unique codes, which identify each individual point of abnormal termination

The site also goes on to say that people have started lists of bx error codes "thinking that there is a pattern to the individual bx error code numbers assigned" - when - in their words - there is not. I'm assuming that they might be talking about this blog. But you know what? I am going to keep this blog up and I will continue to post the bx (and other) error codes that I get. Why? Why not!

Unfortunately their site also mentions the fact that they have to receive more than one report of a specific bx error code before they will assign one of their staff to look into the problem. This is very dissappointing news to hear because I and others have posted to the help boards that once they report their bx error code problems then will look into it. I will now have to re-phrase that to include the message that enough people have to report their specific bx error code numbers BEFORE will look into the matter.

Probably the worse news of all is the mention that while the staff works to solve those bx error code problems that doesn't mean that new bx error codes won't continue to pop up!

I'm wondering myself how much problem-solving could be avoided if knew the bypass procedure? Would it eliminate (or decrease) the bad reputation that they are starting to get? Will the bypass procedure work on ALL bx error codes? Does even want to know the bypass procedure? Will it help or hurt them? Could it possibly save them a lot of time and money as far as helping bloggers that still have a blog on Or do they think that they know of a better solution then simply bypassing the bx error screens altogether?

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