Friday, June 6, 2008

"How Long Does It Take To Solve A BX Error Code?"

Someone posted this question on one of the help boards today and I thought that it was really a quite interesting question!

Just like everything else problems have different and varying degrees! It is just too impossible to say how long it will take the staff to solve a particular bx error code problem.

I'm sure that there have been some of them that have been solved in as little as 24 hours and yet there are still some of them that haven't been solved in days, weeks and / or months!

I should also note that while does want people to report to them about the bx error code problems that they are having they have noted on their site that in general they will not contact you unless they need more information about the problem(s) you are having.

If you would like to know the current status of the problems that is working on you can log into your account and look at the latest links to the latest updates of the problems that the staff have solved.

If you are looking for the bypass procedure to get out of the bx error code screen then you are going to have to contact and ask them for that information.

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