Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I got this code today when I was making a change on my AOL Blog!

I was posting an entry to this blog about AOL's recent price/fee increase and I noticed that my blog had more content on the side than it did with the blog posts so I decided to increase the number of blog posts that appeared on one page and thus I wanted to change the number of times that my adsense ads appeared under the posts. So when I tried to change the number of adsense ads between my blog posts - up popped the bX-ts0ypr error code!

I used the bypass procedure and it got me out of the error code screen!!

If you take a look at my AOL Blog you will see that my adsense ads appear after only a certain number of posts!

For a few days now I have been wanting to get one of those bx error code screens just to see if the bypass procedure works - and it does! which lets me know that there is indeed a way to get out of those infamous bx error code screens!

By the way this particular bx error code - bX-ts0ypr - has been mentioned many times by others who have posted that they have gotten the same exact error code!

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