Thursday, July 3, 2008


happens when trying to upload a new XML template to change your blog's layout

Someone posted a solution that worked for them.....

I get that occasionally.....For me, reopening my browser fixes the problem. At other times I have to reboot my computer.............

11/11/08 Update!

Here is another blogger that posted about this bx error code:

"HI, i had a similar problem when i tried to upload a template, i had to delete my adsense and then i could upload the template"

It has been some time since I posted about this particular bx error code and there has been some new news about when people are having problems with uploading new or third-party templates!

It has to do with the fact that the most probable reason why your template is not being accepted is because the template itself has either corrupt or missing coding in it.

I have that a lot of the third-party blog template sites have information on them to help you if you are having problems uploading a new template to your blog.

It would also help a great deal if you posted and said which of the templates you were trying to upload and mention the site where you got the template.

You can also check out my Different Blog Layouts Blog to read about my posts about uploading and using different blog layouts.


  1. Sis, thanks for the comment. I had almost forgotten the bX error issue. I posted the solution I found at Blogger groups and every now and then I get a visitor from there and I pray it helps...

    P.S. I have to put one of your sites on my blog as a link which one? (lol)

  2. Noooooooo it doesn't work for me! Even changing computers doesn't work!

    Irritated by this error, my blog has nearly died :(

  3. Since this error has to do with you trying to add a new template it could very well be that the template's coding is corrupt in some way. A employee has said that some of these blog templates that people want to use on their blog(s) have corrupt or missing html coding in them which makes's layout / format not able to accept the new template.

    At the very worse you are going to have to go over the entire html coding of the template to see if there is any missing and/or corrupt html code.

    If you do and find that there is nothing wrong with the html coding then the next step is to report the error code to the team.


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