Monday, July 21, 2008

"How Long Does It Take To Solve A BX Error Code Problem?"

Here is an answer that I posted to one of the help boards:

It's really hard to pinpoint an exact time as to when can / will solve a particular bx error code problem.

When I have replied to other posts taliking about a bx error code I usually reply to report it - but you have already done that. However it should also be noted that enough people have to report the error before will assign someone to look into it further. has said that a lot of these bx error codes are temporary so you may want to give it a few days just to see if the problem solves itself.

I have all seen other people reply that even though you did report it you may want to report it again.

From time to time I have seen some of the employees answer some of the posts so maybe one of them will see yours and reply.

Also too, does have their own official blog where you can read up on their latest updates and fixes.

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