Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"It Is Difficult Contacting"

"I have been getting the error codes for over a month now. I have reported them to Blogger and nothing. I continue to get daily new error codes when doing the same thing and I report them and still nothing. I don’t even have the faintest clue of how to contact Blogger to get past the error code screen that you’re talking about. Blogger makes it so difficult contact their support group services."

While I do know that the staff have posted different links to where people can report their error code problems - I have included such a link on the side of this blog - it seems that people are getting quite frustrated at not getting any feedback from about the error code messages that they are receiving. I have seen message board posts from actual employees stating that they see that some bloggers are feeling as though they are "not getting enough love" and that is why they posted links to a form where people can report their error code problems. But so far it doesn't seem to be doing any good as far as some bloggers are concerned. A few have even mentioned that they were considering moving their blog to someplace else!

that's why I can't understand why just doesn't simply post the procedure for getting out of the error screen. It's my theory - and I have to say this is my theory alone - that the reason why they are not posting the bypass procedure is because they want people to send them the error code messages that they are getting as opposed to just posting the bypass procedure. This is probably because they want to know what the error codes are and how people are getting them. However the problem seems to be that people are getting the same error codes for doing different things! Another thing too is that while a specific error code has been solved for one person it hasn't been solved for another.

I have mentioned many times about there being an error code blog online - don't know if it is's offical blog but it does have error code information on it. The last time I checked the blog - which was a few days ago - the blog said that it was temporarily unavailable which is strange because I can still see it online!

Update! - the blog has been recently updated!

If you are trying to contact the staff about asking about the bypass procedure and they are not resonding they must have a reason why. Maybe they just don't want the bloggers to know what the bypass procedure is. Meanwhile I will continue to use it because getting those error code screens is quite annoying and if I didn't know the bypass procedure myself I would just move my blog somewhere else.

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