Saturday, August 23, 2008


I got this bx error code when changing from my blogger account to a client's blogger account. I thought 'what a great time to use the bypass procedure to get out of the error code screen' - but guess what?

The bypass procedure didn't work!

Now I was using a different browser that I never used the bypass procedure on before so I decided to try it again and still it didn't work! But guess what?

I was still able to get back to posting on my client's blog!

Not only does this tell me that the bypass procedure doesn't seem to work in all browsers (or all cases) but there is more than one way to get out of the bx error code screen!

This is the 2nd solution that I have found for getting out of the bx error code screen (and another person has posted yet another solution for the bx error code problem!)yet and still has not mentioned either of these methods!

I find it so hard to believe that isn't aware of these 2 simple methods for getting out of the bx error code screens. Although in their defense it may just be a case of them being too close to the problem and not being able to see the forest for the trees!

8/31/08 - Update! - got this same bx error code today! And while it wasn't the bypass procedure that got me back to working on the blog there was a way that I managed to get back to my dashboard so that I could add a new post!

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