Monday, August 18, 2008


blog "layout" error

There have been quite a few people posting that they have been having problems and receiving bx error codes when they were trying to upload a new template.

It could very well be possible that there is a problem with the template itself. The html coding of the template could be corrupt and /or there could be some missing tags in the html coding itself. If any of these are the case then Blogger won't be able to accept the template until the problem(s) is corrected.

I have started a new blog about different blog layouts because I kept seeing all these gorgeous different blog layouts and I might see one that I would like to use as my own.

Of the one blog template that I have uploaded to that blog, I have not gotten a bx error code - so far!

Now you may be wondering whether or not the bypass procedure would work in this instance? The answer is yes and no! While no bypass procedure in the world is going to solve a corrupt template problem, the bypass will you to be able to work on your blog.

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