Friday, August 29, 2008


"I've spent hours this morning trying to post a picture and publish my blog. First I was getting a message that it can't contact blogger, but, then I see that my message is saved in drafts. Then, when I tried to publish, it said it couldn't complete the request. It gave an error code of BX-h59pth"

Actually this seems to be one of the case where the bypass procedure HAS worked! There have been times when I have tried to include a picture with one of my blog posts only to get one of the infamous bx error codes.

However even though the bypass procedure has worked in instances like this I have come to find that there have been times when I have uploaded a picture to my blog and viewed it just to make sure that the picture itself had been included only to view the blog later and see that instead of the picture I see the infamous box with the red square in it!

Sometimes the picture is there and sometimes it's not!

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