Friday, November 28, 2008


this is another bx error code that has been associated with trying to upload a template. When clicking on the upload button this is (one of ) the bx error code that comes up.

Here is a link to my previous blog posts about bx error codes having to do with uploading a new template.

As I have said before the problem may be that the template that you are trying to upload has missing and / or corrupt coding in it and that is why it is not being accepted. It may become necessary for you to have to go through the entire coding of the template to see if you can spot what the problem is.

It would also help if you mentioned the name of the third-party template that you were trying to upload / use and where you got it from. Someone else may have had the same problem and hopefully managed to solve it.

If you still feel that the template is not the problem then you can report your bx error code to by clicking on the link provided on the left side of this blog, "Report Your BX Error Code Here!

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