Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Latest Poll Results! Were You Able To Solve Your BX Error Code Problem?

As you can see from the latest poll results, the majority of people have posted that they weren't able to solve their bx error code problems!

There have been quite a few bx error code problems that I have been able to solve by using the bypass procedure. You can see a list of them by clicking here and here!

There have also been a couple of votes from those that have managed to solve their bx error code problems. (Which I have also posted about and provided a link to). Of those that have posted that they were able to solve their bx error code problem(s) - some of the methods that they have described - about half of them have been quite complicated - including solutions that require you to go into the template of your blog to fix the problem! Other solutions have been more simple - such as clearing one's cookines and cache and then re-starting one's browser. However the bypass procedure just involves a few keystrokes BUT it hasn't solved ALL of the bx error codes that I have been getting - but it has solved the majority of them!

Hopefully Blogger.com will be providing a solution for the bx error code problems soon!

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