Monday, November 24, 2008


Here is a comment that someone left me on this blog. Since this bx error code hasn't been posted on this blog, now would be a good time to give it its own label!

"I found your blog quite interesting for the bx error.
I just started a new blog and I have a bx error!!
I didn't find my error on your blog so I put it here.
My error is bx-nlqog

The error happened when I changed my blog template. And it's always the same error.

I don't really know what to do !!

The usual reason for getting a bx error code when it involves templates is that there is the possibility that the template that you are trying to use has some missing or corrupted coding on it and that is why you are having the problems as far as the bx error code is concerned.

It may become necessary for you to go through that template's coding to see if you can spot where the error(s) are.

As far as third-party templates go a lot of credit has to go to those who have created them because a lot of them provide helpful and useful information to those who are having problems using their template. The original creators of the templates have graciously gave grant to others to use their templates for free and without costing them any money - so they really should be thanked for that! (This is also meant for you to go back to the site where you got the template to see if you can find any additional information or see if anyone else has been having problems with using that same template.)

Unfortunately one of the only real solutions is for you to find out why the template that you want to use is not being accepted and that's going to mean going through the template's coding to find any errors. I, myself have gotten bx error codes when working with different blog templates - mostly on my Different Blog Layouts Blog. But when it has happened to me I have successfully managed to use the bypass procedure. However the bypass procedure doesn't let a corrupt template go through - it just lets you be able to work on your blog so that you can perhaps correct the error or use another template.

If all else fails you can report the bx error code to You can find the link by looking on the right side of this blog!

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