Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"How Do I Delete This BX Error Code?"

Basically speaking if you get a bx error code you can't just simply "delete" it! Blogger.com has said that a lot of these bx error codes are temporary so you may want to wait a while to see if the problem solves itself. But if you continue to get the bx error code then you can report it to Blogger.com by clicking on the link that I have provided on the right side of this blog (It's the "Report Your BX Error Code Problem" link)

A lot depends also too on what you were doing when you got the bx error code. There have been some bx error code problems that I have been able to solve using the bypass procedure - however this bypass procedure hasn't solved all of the bx error code problems - just some of them.

So its not just a simple matter of being able to delete the bx error code so that you can continue to work on your blog. Probably the best solution - besides the bypass procedure - is for you first to wait and see if the problem solves itself and if it doesn't then report it to Blogger.com so that they can be aware of it and start to work on the solution.

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