Sunday, March 1, 2009


this bx error code seems to have to do with being able to add the Adsense coding to one's blog.

(If you are unfamiliar with Google's Adsense program (that lets you earn money online), please see my The Adsense Consultant blog)

this error seems to be associated with adding the Adsense code(s) to one's blog template AND adding the adsense coding as a separate widget on the side of one's blog.

Firstly, when you are adding any kind of html coding to your blog's template there is always the possibility that you have copied and/or pasted the coding wrong and that is why your blog's template is not being accepted.

In related cases when you're trying to add the Adsense coding to your blog there have been some instances where the solution has to do with you not yet giving permission to add the adsense coding and ads.

In the case of adding the Adsense coding yourself then the problem could lie in the fact that you copied and pasted the Adsense coding wrong.

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