Friday, March 27, 2009

"When Is Going To Fix The Bugs With The Template" Issues?"

I really don't think that the problems about the bx error codes that have to do with template issues is something that can solve!

This is only my honest opinion but when these bx error codes have to do with template issues, the culprit usually winds up being that there is something wrong with the template itself. Most likely it has either or both missing or corrupt coding in it.

There is also the likelihood that the coding for the template was copied and pasted wrong.

I have tried a number of different third-party templates for my Different Blog Layouts Blog and for some of them it wasn't as simple as just being able to copy and paste the coding - although that method has worked for some of the different templates it hasn't worked for ALL of them. There have been times when I have used a new template that I have gotten from another site and when wouldn't accept it, I had to go in and tweak the coding until the template was finally accepted.

When you think about it what you are asking is that if the template that you want to use isn't being accepted then you want to go into the coding and fix it so that the template will then be accepted - and that is something that I think will not do!

Just think about it. If everyone that was having problems with their template wanted to fix their template then would be busy for ages!

If you are having a problem with your third-party template then its up to you to be able to solve it.

Sorry, but that is how it goes!

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