Sunday, March 22, 2009


this seems to be one of the more popular bx error codes!

someone posted that they got this bx error code when they were trying to add the profile gadget to their blog.

First of all it could be just a temporary problem and you may want to give it a while to see if it will eventually solve itself.

Another thing that has come to mind is that there is the slight possibility that if you are using a third-party template then you may not be able to add a particular gadget at all.

Another thing that you should realize that it could some sort of computer online glitch of some sort. If you have been online for any length of time I'm sure that you have realized that not everything goes smoothly all of the time. The problem could lie in your internet connection, your cache and / or cookies - there could be any number of internet / computer-related problems that could be causing this bx error code. The solution seems to be in first finding out whether or not this is just a temporary problem and if not then you should report it by following the advice in the next paragraph:

However if you continue to get this bx error code then you can report it to by clicking on the link that is provided on the right side of this blog, Report Your BX Error Code Problem Here link.

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