Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"How Can I Get The BX Error Codes To Stop?"

That is a good question but unfortunately I don't have an entirely good answer!

I have seen one of the Blogger.com employees post that a lot of these bx error codes are temporary. This means that if you get one of them you might want to give it a little time - like maybe a few days or hours - to see if the problem solves itself.

Another problem may have to do with your Internet connection. It could be too slow or too busy or some kind of "glitch" may be occurring. Again you should give it some time and try it again later to see if you still have the problem. (It has also been suggested that you clear your cache and cookies and then re-start your browser. This method / solution has been posted from some who have posted that this has worked for them.)

There have been some bx error code problems that I have been able to solve with the bypass procedure - however it doesn't solve ALL of the bx error code problems.

There have also been some specific bx error codes where Blogger.com has admitted that the fault was on their end and they post about these specific bx error codes and the progress they are making towards solving them. (So you should keep looking at their updated posts to see what specific bx error codes that they are aware of and which ones they are working on to solve.)

Constantly trying to "fix" your bx error code problem could result in you getting more frustrated and much worse - getting more and different bx error codes! Hence the advice that you should at least wait a while before you try it again!

You can't "stop" a bx error code from happening (unless you have one of the bx error codes that the bypass procedure has successfully worked on) and at the very worst - you can always report your bx error code problem to Blogger.com so that they can look into it further!

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