Friday, March 20, 2009


this seems to be one of the more popular bx error codes and this one has to do with not being able to use a third-party blog template that you have gotten from somewhere else other than

"how can i fix it?"

Like I have posted before in this blog about the bx error codes having to do with third-party templates, the problem may be that the template that you want to add may have some missing or corrupt coding on it and that is why it is not being accepted.

Did you check the website (where you got the 3rd-party template) to see if others were having the same or similar problems as you were having?

It would also be very helpful if you listed where you got the template from so that we can know more about that template - heck I may even start a new business where I check third-party templates! I already have a blog called

Different Blog Layouts


  1. I have this problem.

    The code is correct, becouse I upload the template in a test blog, and works.

    But when I try to use in the blog that I want to use the template, shows up the bX-duthlv :(

  2. Even though you have successfully been able to use the blog template before, is it still possible that you copied and pasted it wrong when wanting to add it to your other blog?

    It would also probably be helpful if you stated what the template is and where you got it from because maybe there is some help provided on that site and / or maybe others may be familiar with that particular template.


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