Saturday, March 21, 2009


here is another bx error code that has been associated with one trying to change their blog template.

As I have posted about before, when these bx error codes have to do with either changing or adding a blog template one of the reasons could be that the coding in the template is corrupt or missing. If this is the case then that is the reason why it is being rejected. It may become necessary for you to have to go through the coding of the template yourself to see if you can spot where the trouble lies.

Go back to the website where you got the template and see if there is any information on it that may help you solve the problem.

If you are editing your already existing template there may be the possibility that you corrupted the coding when you were changing it and that is the reason why it is not being accepted.

Other than going through the entire coding of the template you may want to report the bx error code to if you are sure that the template's coding is not the problem.

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