Tuesday, March 3, 2009


a person posted that they got this bx error code but they didn't say what they were doing to their blog when they got this specific bx error code.

All the did post was that they canceled their service? and that they refused to pay - for what, I don't know.

I can understand how some could become frustrated with not being able to get help with their bx error code problem(s). I do know that the Blogger help boards are there for those that need help with their Blogger.com problems.

Unfortunately there hasn't been any permanent solutions to the bx error code problems - although I am sure that they are working on it and Blogger.com has said itself that while they have managed to solve some of the bx error code problems there still may be new ones that will still come up.

Even the bypass procedure does not solve ALL of the bx error code problems and although this may be something that you may not want to hear some of the bx error code problems do have to do with the fact - when its related to third-party / editing templates - that the problem may lie within the template itself.

As far as I know, Blogger.com doesn't have a 1-800 # that one can call even I have seen many posts asking about it. I'm sure Blogger.com has a regular business address and phone number as well but they are not giving that out to the general public at large. However they DO have a message forum where you can post and ask questions about the problems you may be having with your blog. And from time to time one of the Blogger.com employees will post replies to other people's posts. Also they will also post their own messages when they have been made aware of certain problems and will post about the progress they are making while trying to solve the problem(s). They also have a blog - however it hasn't been updated in quite a while.

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